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Let us testify

quoteThey trusted us, why not you?

Hello, we would like to thank Charlene Lyndsay Marina Esther, very good team, thank you again for their professionalism, availability and kindness.

Guichard michele Paquier alain

Superb after-sales service response from the manager Ms. Caputo on the Saturday of Easter weekend, following an unexpected breakdown of the neiman. Responsiveness, promptness and professionalism on the part of the entire Camping Car Conseil d'Agen team.

Thanks again.

Bertrand Lagrange

Hello very well informed about the sale of our camper van by Johanna thanking you thank you in advance


I wanted to say that I appreciated your professionalism and your availability to answer all the concerns when we carry out a mail order sale and the fear of scams, Thank you.


A big thank you to Charlène for her professionalism and her great availability and efficiency and I also thank Lindsay, very attentive and very serious conveyor, both a big thank you again.

M. GUICHARD and A. PAQUIER Marcilly 77139 PILOT profile

Great team of extremely dynamic and committed women to carry out the sale of camper vans. Promises kept, information during effective sales. Absolutely recommended.

LOVE Jacques

We have entrusted our BAVARIA 726 NOMADE to CCC. The contacts we had with Guylaine, Nicolas, Esther were always very friendly and efficient. While dropping off our C. Car, the reversing camera broke down. It was replaced free of charge. We only paid for the part. There The sale was made after 4 months… we hoped for a quicker turnaround… We received a transfer 3 weeks after the sale.

To summarize, apart from the sales time, it is a very positive opinion that I give.

You can go there with confidence!

Philippe GARNIER

Thanks to the entire CCC team in Toulouse, and particularly Guylene for her kindness and professionalism, the sale was made at the agreed price and time frame.

Likewise, I recommend this company for anyone who wants to sell their CC

Hans-eric HERRMANN. 34. Hymer.

Very pleasant welcome by Delphine and Philippe. Estimate of the motorhome correct. No hassle, everything is taken care of. Rapid sale. Payment within the month following the sale. Recommended.

Bernard A. Agen

I would like to express all my satisfaction following the sale of my motorhome by the mandated team, particularly to Esther who was my correspondent, the level of professionalism and kindness were remarkable throughout the process. in hand by the conveyor Henri, the in-depth knowledge of the motorhome market have been a real asset, allowing me to sell my vehicle at a fair and competitive price. Thank you and good luck

Yvon Mear

I thank Philippe, Delphine, Sandra as well as the very friendly conveyor Philippe for respecting your commitments and efficiency for the sale of my Adria motorhome sold in 5 days and payment on time.

PERIDON Dominica

Kudos for your efficiency. Everything you announced was respected and with good humor and a smile on top of that. Thank you for the warmth of your exchanges and above all: do not change anything!!



Thanks to Sandra for the quality of the exchanges and her commercial sense when we cannot conclude.

. Antoine CHASTEL

A big thank you to CCC Agen for the speed of the sale of our Bénimar Tessoro 481.

I would like to thank Delphine and Philippe for their skills and their availability which they were kind enough to grant us.

I highly recommend this dealership.

Jean-Francois ADRIEN from Nantes.


Thanks to Stéphanie Thiéry and the entire Camping Car Conseil team for their efficiency and kindness.

The sale of my camper van was completed within the announced time frame (around 1 and a half months.)

Thanks again.

Jean-Marc (71640)

Purchase of a used motorhome on Friday May 24, 2019. The formula used and known: “professionals at your service”: can apply to this structure. Competence, responsiveness and availability are the terms that I was able to test. Thanks to the whole team.

Jean-Jacques V. (St Michel Escalus, 40) - Bavaria T746 - 2017

We found Philippe and Delphine attentive, a very professional approach to our search for a camper van and advice for selling our own precious camper van.

results: we acquired a superb integral!

Michel M. (La Croix Blanche, 47) - Bavaria 741C Allure - 2018

hello, with a little delay, we come. thank you for your welcome during our visit to Agen, at the beginning of September (pilot 741).

While the dealerships were closed on Monday, we had a problem with gas on the fridge. You contacted your technician by phone who was able to tell us the maneuvers to be carried out. This was conclusive because we were able to help out on our own (clogged burner nozzle)

CONGRATULATIONS and thank you again.

With our cordial greetings

alain and anne marie

Alain C. (Jard sur Mer, 85) - -

A big thank you to ccc de puget /argens more particularly to Audrey and Frederic for their advice on the sale of my van and the purchase of our new a 288 EB challenger.

I advise future buyers to go to the ccc dealership. they will find their happiness

also a big thank you to Jay the mechanical technician who takes the time to fully explain the handover of new

thank you to all your team. see you soon

Jacques G. (Antibes, 06) - Campereve Magellan 541 - 2011

I offered the sale of my motorhome at “camping car council” in Agen, on 10/13/2020, after being warmly received by the charming Delphine and Philippe, today 01/13/2021, after only 4 month (despite the conditions linked to covid) CCC sold my vehicle. I thank very sincerely the whole team. THANKS

Christian B. (Angeac Champagne, 16) - Pilot A690 - 2005

I entrusted the sale of my Motorhome to CCC TOULOUSE.

After receiving my cheque, I would like to particularly thank “Stéphanie” and “her Technician” in her absence, for:

– their professionalism,

– their seriousness,

– their availability,

– their effectiveness,

for the negotiation of the sale of my vehicle.

Not to mention, “Marc”, transports himur who is very pleasant, is very professional.

I highly recommend “with my eyes closed”, this Company which takes care of everything and keeps its commitments.

THANK YOU again to the whole Team!

Emile A. (Ploubalay, 22) - Dethleffs Globebus - 2006

Purchase of a used motorhome on Friday May 24, 2019. The formula used and known: “professionals at your service”: can apply to this structure. Competence, responsiveness and availability are the terms that I was able to test. Thanks to the whole team.

Jean-Jacques V. (Saint Michel Escalcus, 40) - Bavaria T746 - 2017

I sincerely thank the entire CCC team for their competence and seriousness during our transaction which took place transparently and without surprises in relation to what was agreed. I recommend that everyone do not hesitate to contact CCConseil for all your procedures. Many thanks again to you. on 01/08/2017

Michel F. (Saint-Etienne, 42) - Eura Mobil Integra I740 EB - 2010

A big thank you to the entire CCC Toulouse team and especially to Ophélie who was very professional.

Pascal B. (Saint Fons, 69) - Eriba Van 546 - 2010

To recommend without hesitation for the purchase of my next camper van

This makes 3 motorhomes purchased through CCC Agen and no problem with the return of the previous motorhomes. Each motorhome has its youth or old age problems and CCC has always provided after-sales service whether it beAt the level of sealing a window or updating the satellite demodulator, a big thank you to Arnaud's professionalism. Very warm welcome from Philippe and his team where we forget the commercial side. To recommend without hesitation for the purchase of my next camper van

Philippe L. (Agen, 47) - Rapido 691

A little longer than expected in time but the Puget /Argent team was able to be convincing for a result in the sale of my Eriba 596 from 2002. I thank them for their seriousness and their competence.


Camille A. (Miramas, 13) - Eriba 596 - 2002

Hello, to tell you that it's a top team, all serious, nothing to complain about, first perfect purchase, to see now on the road. A big thank you from both of us. PURCHASE OF A CHALLENGER 311

Pascal M. (Salagnac, 24) - Challenger 311 profile - 2005

What can I say... except that for the purchase of our first camper van (at 60 years old) we were very well advised and supported and even reassured.

This team is really fantastic, they know the job, they are passionate and share their passion with you. It is a company on a human scale. Really, trust them.

Patrick R. (Marmande, 47) - Hymer Swing 585 - 2000

Our motorhome was on consignment at another dealership, it remained there for 2 months without contact. The CCC team contacted me, we agreed on a minimum net seller price, and in 3 weeks it was sold. I didn't take care of anything, the payment arrived as expected. I would like to thank the entire TOULOUSE team for their efficiency and seriousness.

Roger S. (Saint Girons, 09) - Rapido 7099C - 2007

Thanks to Stéphanie, Xavier and Marc, as well as the technician, very good for the advice on the sale of my motorhome, and the purchase of Pilote Galaxy. THANKS.

Roger S. (Saint Ybars, 09) - 74MX pilot

Thank you for the speed and the seriousness implemented for the sale of my motorhome.

The initially planned deadline was respected, and the payment was very quick, really I was a little hesitant about this method of sale at first. I am delighted with it and I will not fail to fknow around me. Good luck to the whole team!

Mireille P. (Cap d'Agde, 34) - Burstner Nexxo T660 - 2007

Thank you to the entire ccc team in Toulouse. They have always been there to follow the vehicle file. Professionalism, seriousness and personalized welcome are the key words of this dynamic team.

Thanks again and all the best wishes for 2017!!!

Jean-François M. (Thémines, 46) - Roller team 215P - 2006

A big thank you to the entire CCC team in Toulouse and Agen for their professionalism and their attentiveness for the purchase of our Mobivetta integral. We met serious and kind people who became real friends. To recommend.

Jean-Pierre D. (Clermont Dessous, 47) - Mobilvetta Euroyacht 95 L Design - 2002

Thank you for your seriousness and kindness.

Everything is perfect with you, no worries, you take care of everything. Elodie is very serious and very friendly.

The manager knows his job well. I would recommend your agency to people who want to sell or buy a camper van…. Of your agency we can say serious, conscientious and honest, thank you again it was a pleasure.


MR and Mrs R.

Michel R. (Gardanne, 13) - Mooveo P7 - 2011

Following the previous announcement of the "Chausson Welcome 50" motorhome

We contacted Ophélie and Stéphanie for more information, they showed great professionalism, which convinced us to come to Vendée to buy the motorhome.

A dynamic and friendly team awaited us, many explanations concerning the backgroundoperation of the motorhome.

Recommended for future motorhome owners, “CCC Camping car Toulouse et Agen”.

Jean-Jacques C. (Talmont, 85) - Welcome 50 slipper - 2003

Thank you to Philippe and Marine for their welcome, their professionalism and the respect of their commitments.

I, who was somewhat hesitant to entrust them with my CC, can only compliment them. It is extremely rare these days to meet a company worthy of seriousness, skills and rrespect of commitments. I found it at CCC Agen.

Jean-Louis L. (Saint Christophe de Double, 33) - Pilot Reference 681 - 2005

Crew :

- Effective

– Organized


- Friendly

Jean-Pierre D. (Le Cannet, 06) - Mc Louis Lagan 256 - 2010

We entrusted our Pilote Explorateur motorhome to CCC Puget-sur-Argens, it was sold in three days. They took care of everything, outstanding credit balance, sales papers, cleaning and possible small repairs; I received the amount initially defined as the sale price, in short everything was perfect!

Gérard G. (Le Castellet, 83) - Explorer Pilot P732 - 2011

Friendliness, efficiency and trust, three words that sum up CCC well.

Thanks again to the whole team.

Jean-Claude R. (Carnoux en Provence, 13) - Autostar - I690LC Passion - 2016

Sold and paid as agreed.

Nothing to say, real professionals at your service.

A signed contract, but we appreciated flexibility in its application based on mutual trust.

The solution to sell and surely to buy at the optimum price.

Michel and Renée R. (Bouniagues, 24) - Burstner Quattro IT 664 - 2008

Delighted with your services (ccc PUGET SUR ARGENS) my motorhome sold in the week. I thank you for your know-how and your dynamism, and you are very friendly.

Roger B. (Marseille, 13) - Burstner Ixeo 734 - 2013

Great team, very welcoming! Motorhome sold very quickly, in 10 days it was sold! Great, thank you to your whole team.

Fabrice C. (La Penne-sur-Huveaune, 13) - Capucine Rimor Katamarano - 2010

A big thank you to you for the quick and serious sale of our camper van, I am very happy to have found you on the internet by chance and really no regrets for having trusted you. When I think that in Nice where our camper van had been on sale for 11 months (the dealer didn't lose out because we had to pay for 10 months of parking so no hurry!!) you in 28 days our camper van was sold...THANK YOU again for your professionalism and seriousness.

Sophie H. (Nice, 06) - P8 driver - 2002

Thank you to the Puget team for their professionalism, Mr Adell knows motorhomes perfectly and gave us confidence in the purchase of our first motorhome with which we are completely satisfied!!!

A perfect welcome always with the smile and good humor of Elodie and the technician always president and very professional.

I will not hesitate to talk about CCC in the hope that this team of true professionals continues to develop in France.

Cécile R. (Bandol, 83) - -

I am really very satisfied with the sale of my Génésis 33, which was done in 40 days "right on cue", no hassles, everything is noted in black and white on the contract.

Thank you to the entire team for your professionalism, especially to Elodie for her responsiveness in responding to emails.

I n’I will not hesitate to recommend you, on occasion…

Jean-Noel G. (St Saturnin les Apt, 84) - Challenger Genesis 33 - 2007

We would like to thank you very much for all the quality services you have provided us in this sale of our motorhome.

We will be sure to recommend you.

Christian B. (ESQUIEZE SERE, 65) - Chausson Flash 01 - 2012

After an initial telephone contact, we did not hesitate to travel from Normandy to Toulouse. And we were right. We purchased a superb Bürstner T605 with which we fell in love at first sight. We thank the entire team for their professionalism, warm welcome, availability.

Philippe and Sophie G. (Fontaine-Bellenger, 27) - Burstner Harmony T605 - 2003

Thank you Philippe and his entire AGEN team for your kindness and know-how. First contact with Marine, very friendly, the team doesn't put any pressure on you. A word of advice, you want to get started in motorhomes like us, all the newbies go see them.

Jean-Pierre B. (Castelsarrasin, 82) - Pilot Atlantis 47 CX - 1992

Better…… there is no…

Serious, reliable and honest.

Here no lie, what is said is done.

Quite the opposite of concessions.

My motorhome sold on time and at the right price.

Absolutely what I wanted...

My next purchase….it’s obviously from you!!!!!

Huge thank you Xavier.

Patrick R. (Trie-sur-Baïse, 65) - Integral Pilot G 680 TP - 2004

Thank you to the entire CCC Agen team who were able to advise us in the purchase of our very first camper van. Very good advice and efficient service.

Mr. Hervé Perrot (Castres, 81) - Bavaria Fjord T72

I would like to thank CCC Toulouse for the sale of my Levoyager integral. After 6 months of struggling on classified ad sites, I was able to count on them to sell my motorhome quickly and without having to worry about anything!

Gilles C. (Calmont, 09) - Levoyager 575

Thank you to Camping-car Conseil for its attentiveness and professionalism. Thanks to them, we were able to quickly sell our motorhome and replace it with a new one that was more in line with what we were looking for.

Maryse O. (Nice, 06) - Pilot Profile P650 - 2006

Competent and attentive to their customers, you can count on CCC Puget-sur-Argens to manage the sale of your motorhome from start to finish.

Jean Claude D. (Peille, 09) - Mc Louis Candi 675 profile

Very warm welcome, vehicle as advertised, in good condition and at a reasonable price. Trust and service are essential at the CCC house in Puget sur Argens.

Thank you so much!

Marcel C. (Cezais, 85) - Autostar Athenor 647 - 2004

We would like to thank the entire team for the sale of our camper van. Highly recommended, fast and efficient.

Mr. Claude A. (Prat, 09) - Adria 360 - 1992

Happy with the purchase of our Mc Louis thanks to Frédéric and Élodie, thanks to the technician who prepared the campervan for us and explained how everything worked.

Always very well received, with a small surprise gift on the day of delivery.

And in addition our Chausson motorhome sold in 2 days!!!


Micheline R. (Roquebrune-sur-Argens, 83) - Low profile Mc Louis Tandy 670G - 2007

I must admit that I was somewhat cautious in using your services through a website.

However, after having decided to leave my search to Camping-Car Conseil, my choice fell on a Mc Louis.

Your advisor reassured me and allowed you to buy it with complete peace of mind. Thank you to your entire team.

Mr. Pascal B. (Bordeaux, 33) - Mc Louis Tandy 640 from 2009

After much research for the purchase of a Reference 680 TP Driver, I came across your site.

I was put in touch with the seller, through your advisor who checked the entire motorhome before purchase. I was able to'purchase with complete confidence and make one of my dreams come true.

Mr. and Mrs. François V. (Montpellier, 34) - Pilot Reference 680 TP of 2005

I sold my motorhome through CCC and I am completely satisfied with both the competence of the team and the impeccable service. My campervan was sold in less than 15 days.

If you would like to purchase a campervan, do not hesitate to contact CCC you will have impeccable advice and comprehensive service. In addition, your motorhome will be at the fairest price, which is very appreciable.

Mrs. Nadine S. (Sauvagnon, 64) - Mooveo C 687 from 2006

Sale in the rules of my integral HYMER, availability to pick up the vehicle at my place of residence and at their expense. At each stage of the sale a solution has been found.

To recommend. Thank you for everything.

Mr. Fabien V. (Rodez, 12) - Hymer BC 664 from 2005

A friendly and professional team, we can trust them. I used their services for the purchase and resale of my motorhome, and I was able to test the seriousness of everyone, from Xavier, the advice manager, to Ophélie, the sales manager, including Boniek for after-sales service.

An address que I recommend!

Mr. Claude B. (L'Honor de Cos, 82) - Bavaria T 74 LC from 2011

We would like to thank the entire team who took care of our purchase (Ophélie, Xavier, Boniek and Yann) for their advice and skills in the purchase of our Pegaso garage 2005, as well as the after-sales service they provided. .

We advise all people wanting to buy a cc to go chez camping-car-conseil Toulouse.

Yvan and Valérie P. (Toulouse, 31) - Rollerteam Pegaso Garage from 2005

I found the competent and trustworthy camper van advice team for the purchase of a burstner 640 camper van on the website and photos which were sent to me.

I do not regret having made the trip from Grasse 06 to Toulouse, because we were surprised andt delighted with our purchase (serious and professional for camper van council members). I can only advise you to contact them to purchase a campervan.

Mr. Martial L. (Saint-Cézaire-sur Siagne, 06) - Burstner I 640 from 2005

It took me several days to agree to entrust my motorhome to CCC, telling myself “it’s like all agencies…”. Well, no, within two months my campervan was sold. Hat!

Thank you to the team for their welcome and their responsiveness. Good luck to your company!

Mr. Jean-Claude V.-D. (Chateaurenard, 13) - Autostar Friendly 2

I would like to thank you for the sale of our vehicle. Although I was somewhat worried, I recognize that your entire team successfully completed this sales operation, for which my husband and I are pleased and thank you.

From now on, when the opportunity arises, we will not missas to make very good publicity for your company.

We thank you again and wish you the best for your entire team.

Mr. José H (Biganos, 33) - CI Riviera 95 P from 2006

I would like to thank Mr. Frédéric Adell and his CCC team for the sale of my Challenger Genesis motorhome.

Mr. François C. (Saint-Maime, 04) - 2008 Challenger Genesis 43

We purchased a motorhome from CCC, we found a very professional and, moreover, very friendly team. The small usual problems relating to the use of a first camper van have always been solved and with a smile!

Mr. Michel C. (Colomiers, 31) - Rapido 772 F

Thank you for helping me sell my Burstner Marano camper van left in Puget/Argens, it was sold in less than a week, thanks to Frédéric and the entire CCC team.

Mr. Geraud P. (Mouguins, 06) - Burstner Marano

I would like to thank you for the sale of my “Carillon CI” and for the purchase of the “Voyager”.

I thank the entire team, very professional, who deserve every confidence in an environment where resellers are far from providing as much seriousness as Camping-Car Conseil. Once again thank you and count on my visits, because you deserve it.

Mr. Christian P. (Labarthe-sur-Lèze, 31) - CI Carioca 599 of 2006

We would like to thank the entire team, as well as the young technician who explained to me how the camper works, for getting started.

A serious team that ensures a follow-up, with a very well designed website.

Mr. and Mrs. Philippe R. (Marseille, 13) - City Van CV 57 from 2008

Thank you very much to your entire team who allowed me to have my campervan. Very well received, very friendly, very friendly welcome, perfect! Recommended to all motorhome owners! Thank you and see you soon.

Mr. José M (Marmande, 47) - Gruau Jogger from 1984

Interested in purchasing a family motorhome and after visiting several dealerships, I met an advisor from Camping-Car Conseil.

After identifying my needs, the advisor Xavier B. directed me towards Katamarano 7, and also obtained the most suitable financing for me.dapted. I am delighted with my purchase. Serious and professional, recommended.

Mr. and Mrs. Nicolas B. (Muret, 31) - Rimor Katamarano 7 of 2008

Thank you very much for the speed of your services, and the promptness of your advisers for the commercial offers that have been made.

Camping-Car Conseil provides a real commercial service and this is very innovative in the motorhome sector, to be recommended!

Mr. and Mrs. Jean-Paul B. (Narbonne, 11) - Burstner T 695 from 2007

Thank you for your efficiency, everything went perfectly.

Mr. Gilbert R. (Le Bar Saint Loup, 06) - Hymer br 598

I am delighted with the acquisition made at CCC and thank the whole team for its seriousness.

Mr Bernard B (Ozon, 07) - Eriba Jet 646

We would like to thank the entire Camping-Car Conseil team, and are happy with the purchase we made from them. We recommend them for their seriousness and dynamism. Keep going !

Ms. Colette Q. (Aigues-Vives, 09) - Burstner Levanto A 576

We found the Camping-Car Conseil team competent and dedicated, who did a great job for us. We don't forget the technical part for the necessary touch-ups.

Beyond the professional relationships linked to the sale of our motorhome, we have had rich relationships that we n’let's not forget.

I can only advise you to contact them for buying, selling and advice regarding motorhomes. You will not regret it.

Mr. and Mrs. Gérard B. (Montauban, 82) - Knaus 640 from 2000

I would like to warmly thank Philippe for his welcome and his professionalism. Address to advise. I loved the family side of this company.

Mrs. Marie Jeanine B. (Agen, 47) - Westfalia LT 28

I thank you for your speed in selling my Mooveo (2 weeks), of course I have not forgotten the technical team, who were able to demonstrate great know-how in repairing the few damaged parts of the vehicle. Good luck to the whole team.

Mr. Christophe M. (Toulouse, 31) - Mooveo P 608 from 2007

Real professionals who are seriously involved for their clients and who master their profession, which is increasingly rare these days!

Michel R. (Mandelieu, 06) - Challenger 107 profile - 2004

Thank you to all the very nice team at CCC Toulouse for their seriousness, their professionalism and their (rare) words. Don't choose, and above all, don't buy your motorhome without them. You will not regret it !

Guy P. (Lavalette, 11) - Autostar Aryal 868 from 2006

We would like to thank the entire team for the sale of our camper van. Highly recommended, fast and efficient.

Mr. Claude A. (Prat, 09) - Adria 360 - 1992

I offered the sale of my motorhome at “camping car council” in Agen, on 10/13/2020, after being warmly received by the charming Delphine and Philippe, today 01/13/2021, after only 4 month (despite the conditions linked to covid) CCC sold my vehicle. I thank very sincerely the whole team. THANKS.


Our 1st motorhome ARCA year 2005 comes from camping car conseil toulouse

At the beginning of February, we put it back on sale with Agen motorhome council,

very good reception and sympathy of the Staff as well as Philippe the manager

quick sale in 3 weeks, deadline respected

Madame L (Montauban, 82000) - Arca

The sale of my motorhome set took place in perfect conditions very good relations no complaints competent team (Agen)

Jean Barousse (Saint Chinian, 34360) - Rapido 10000

We warmly thank Delphine and Philippe for the sale of our motorhome.

Despite the difficult period linked to covid, they kept their promises, their commitments from taking care of our ccar until delivery with all the administrative procedures. We will not hesitate to recommend your agency.. A gthank you very much.

Galand (Saint Hilaire de Riez, 85270) - Mc Louis Nevis 880

We thank the entire team for the sale of the camper van on time and the rapid payment. Best regards Pierre L 16

Loizeau Pierre (Cherves Richemont, 16370) - Rapido 999 M

Testimonial *: Excellent initial contact.

Pick-up of the vehicle at home: so no stress for us.

A sales mandate and very clear explanations: we have freed ourselves from all worries about showing the camper van, making any repairs, canceling the insurance, doing the registration formalities…

In short, we received the sale price by transfer without having to go through an obstacle course…

We warmly thank Camping Car Conseil, in particular Delphine and Philippe, (Agen Agency)

And recommend their services.

Mrs and Mr Godsmet (Chateau d'Olonne, 85180) - Eriba

We have just acquired our first motorhome and after meeting a few individuals we have found in CCC great professionalism, dynamism, patience and great kindness. The motorhome is perfectly in line with what was advertised and very well prepared. Marc gave us a lot of time to familiarize ourselves with the motorhome. Thanks to Delphine for the presentation of the product from a distance and the building of trust.

In short, given the complexity of acquiring such a product, the help of such professionals is essential. Thanks again to them.

Pierre-Yves and Beatrice/Finistère (profiled Burstner)

Derrien Pierre-Yves (Brest, 29000) - Burstner

A big thank you to CCC Agen and Delphine for their efficiency and speed in selling our motorhome, all carried out under a simple contract, without forgetting their sympathy and kindness. thanks to the whole team

Claudius and Paulo

Mr Cousin jean paul (Sanary sur mer, 83) - Dethleffs Advantage

I think Camping-Car-Conseil's motto could be: "No talk, but results!" ". Speed of handling the request. Administrative facilities. And above all, fast sale and at the advertised price! No unpleasant surprises and a warm and professional contact. Availability of sellers and answers to questions. Congratulations to you.

Mr Rousseau (Rosny sou bois, 93) - Burstner

We thank you Delphine for your kindness on the phone, for all the information you gave us for the sale of our motorhome and thank you to Philippe who came to Alsace to pick up our motorhome. Thanks again to you both and to the CCC team in Agen.


Raymond and Danielle


We thank you Delphine for your kindness on the phone, for all the information you gave us for the sale of our motorhome and thank you to Philippe who came to Alsace to pick up our motorhome. Thanks again to you both and to the CCC team in Agen.


Raymond and Danielle

Madame Sipp (Willer sur Thur, 68760) - Burstner t 710

Thanks to Xavier for his professionalism He sold my old motorhome in less than a month

You can trust CCC camping car conseil.

Thanks also to his conveyor.

BERTHELIN (LA BATHIE, 73) - Flash 19 slipper 2011

C because sold in 1 month. Transfer on the scheduled date. Staff attentive to the customer. I recommend this company and I thank Delphine, Marc and Philippe for taking care of and selling my camper van. Patrick

Carquin (Aix Les Bains, 73100) - Burstner ixeo 590

Hello everyone

What to say? where to start?

I am a first-time buyer living in Reunion

I found in the team of CCC agen (philippe, delphine and marc)

answer all my questions

Buying when you are at 11000km is not easy

Do not hesitate made like me, you will not be disappointed.

read alls the QUALITIES of this team, it's just true

Congratulations to Philippe, Delphine and Marc

Again a big thank you and if I pass by agen a hello is required

pascal F (the river st louis the REUNION)

27/08/2021 mac louis yearling 74 G

Favro (Egleny, 89240) - MC Louis 74 G

A big thank you to CCC Puget and Frederic who perfectly managed the sale of our motorhome

Trusted and professional team that I can only advise if you wish to sell your motorhome with confidence



DURAND (NIMES, 30) - Pilot Reference G 690 2008

A big thank you to Delphine and Philippe who sold our cc on time. Congratulations for their good humor, their availability and their professionalism. They have earned our trust. Colette and Richard

LISEWSKI Richard (PLUDUAL, 22290) - Slipper Flash 06 2012

Very satisfied with the sale of our camper van to this company; very serious employees and conveyor, attentive to the customer.

CRESPO (Valencia, 26) - Integral Pilot 2014

Competence, friendliness, kindness and punctuality are the qualifiers of this agency. We came across you by chance to sell our camper van and this one did things very well. In just under a month. Our camper van was sold and we were paid as agreed. Nothing to say except a big thank you to Stéphanie, David and Xavier. We wish you nothing but good because you deserve it.

HOUI.O (CAHORS, 46) - Benimar Tessoro - 2019

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